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  1. OK, so what was the correct pragma configuration word? What did you have on or off that shouldn't have been? All I am getting is solid squares too.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Reynard. But that did not answer my question. I know how to program in C. I am not a total Newb, I just don't know the SourceBoost syntax. I have found instructions in other compilers that I would like to use, but they don't exist in SourceBoost or they have a different syntax. I thought someone with experience with this compiler would say "OH, just go to this web site at www.blablabla " or something a little more helpful. It can be very frustrating to know what you want to do, how to write the code, but not know how to write it for this compiler. There are also instructions that exist only in the PIC world. I can read the data sheets for the processor I want to program but I want to program in C not asm.
  3. Newbe here I have downloaded and read most of the BoostC C compiler reference manual. I have also looked through many examples of code. I can't however locate a complete list of instructions that can be used in BoostC. Where can I find a BoostC instruction set? I have found simple instructions like; while if else for goto delay_ms switch case break ... etcetera etcetera But where is there a more complete list? Shouldn't I be able to find another manual on SourceBoost.com? Please help a new guy out.
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