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  1. Hello, From some time I use boostC free edition (with mplab). I understand that some people work hard to maintain this program and this people must be supported but I have some questions regarding licenses : 1. If I buy a "Lite" license is like a "donate" on other sites (it will be no difference between free version and lite version) ? 2. If I buy a "standard" license that cost (let's say) X usd and after a while I want to upgrade to full "licence" yahy cost Y usd (with Y>X) I must pay Y-X usd or Y usd ? 3. How long is valid a license and witch upgrades are included ? Thank You Marius
  2. I use Linux and Virtualbox with extended pack for a windows. Only use of windows is to run Sourceoost and MpLab (I use a ICD2 for programming and mplab manage it pretty god). I am not sure, but I think that saw in Piklab option to use boostc compiler(but I am not shure witch version). Of course, if will be a version of sourceboost that run under linux and support ICD2 I will use it.
  3. Hello Reynard, I give up with "official" procedure and use TImC' program (http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=3878&hl=%2Bone+%2Bwire&fromsearch=1) The procedure from TimC work fine. Right now I try to change port (I use 3 sensors, on 3 different ports ) Thank you for your support. Marius
  4. Thank you Reynard. I correct the mistake but unfortunately I receive the same result. Regards, Marius
  5. Hello, I try to read a DS18S20 sensor with one wire protocol implemented in boostC. It seams that the communication work(I suppose) but I can not understand results. Any idea will be useful. I use an 16F1934 MCU @ 32 MHz. In my project I included following libs : oo.pic16x.lob and lib.pic16x.lib, also I included oo.h file. Code Sample : //try one wire char x = oo_busreset(); if (x==0) { tx_232("\nBus Reset result is 0 \n"); } else { tx_232("\nBurst reset result is not 0\n"); } oo_start_conversion(); tx_232("Conversion Started...\n"); while(oo_conversion_busy()); tx_232("Conversion Ended...\n"); if (oo_read_scratchpad()) { tx_232("Scratchpad Readed failure...\n"); } else { tx_232("Scratchpad read success .. \n"); } short data[9]; for (int k = 0;k<9;k++) { data[k]= oo_get_data(); } for (int q =0;q<9;q++) { tx_232_1(data[q]); tx_232("\n"); } Results : Bus Reset result is 0 Conversion Started... Conversion Ended... Scratchpad read success .. \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba also 0xba value is changing when I put my finger on the sensor and heat it.The resistor that pull up the line is 3.2K. Thank you in advance. Marius
  6. New string.h file solve my problem also. Thank you.