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  1. Hello, From some time I use boostC free edition (with mplab). I understand that some people work hard to maintain this program and this people must be supported but I have some questions regarding licenses : 1. If I buy a "Lite" license is like a "donate" on other sites (it will be no difference between free version and lite version) ? 2. If I buy a "standard" license that cost (let's say) X usd and after a while I want to upgrade to full "licence" yahy cost Y usd (with Y>X) I must pay Y-X usd or Y usd ? 3. How long is valid a license and witch upgrades are included ? Thank You Marius
  2. I use Linux and Virtualbox with extended pack for a windows. Only use of windows is to run Sourceoost and MpLab (I use a ICD2 for programming and mplab manage it pretty god). I am not sure, but I think that saw in Piklab option to use boostc compiler(but I am not shure witch version). Of course, if will be a version of sourceboost that run under linux and support ICD2 I will use it.
  3. Hello Reynard, I give up with "official" procedure and use TImC' program (http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=3878&hl=%2Bone+%2Bwire&fromsearch=1) The procedure from TimC work fine. Right now I try to change port (I use 3 sensors, on 3 different ports ) Thank you for your support. Marius
  4. Thank you Reynard. I correct the mistake but unfortunately I receive the same result. Regards, Marius
  5. Hello, I try to read a DS18S20 sensor with one wire protocol implemented in boostC. It seams that the communication work(I suppose) but I can not understand results. Any idea will be useful. I use an 16F1934 MCU @ 32 MHz. In my project I included following libs : oo.pic16x.lob and lib.pic16x.lib, also I included oo.h file. Code Sample : //try one wire char x = oo_busreset(); if (x==0) { tx_232("\nBus Reset result is 0 \n"); } else { tx_232("\nBurst reset result is not 0\n"); } oo_start_conversion(); tx_232("Conversion Started...\n"); while(oo_conversion_busy()); tx_232("Conversion Ended...\n"); if (oo_read_scratchpad()) { tx_232("Scratchpad Readed failure...\n"); } else { tx_232("Scratchpad read success .. \n"); } short data[9]; for (int k = 0;k<9;k++) { data[k]= oo_get_data(); } for (int q =0;q<9;q++) { tx_232_1(data[q]); tx_232("\n"); } Results : Bus Reset result is 0 Conversion Started... Conversion Ended... Scratchpad read success .. \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba \0xba also 0xba value is changing when I put my finger on the sensor and heat it.The resistor that pull up the line is 3.2K. Thank you in advance. Marius
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