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  1. Reynard, Thanks for the info. That makes a lot of sense now.
  2. What is the difference between "sourceboost/lib/libc.pic18.lib" and "sourceboost/lib/large/libc.pic18.lib" ? I was having a problem, with the register that is being decremented for the delay_ms() Fx, being currupted by local variables in an IRQ, and switching to "/large/libc.pic18.lib" seemed to fix the problem. Any thoughts on why this would happen would be apreciated. Thanks, Bryan.
  3. Dave, I have attached the sample program you asked it for. The program is built in BoostC V7.03 Novo is being built with the test program(seemed to run better in the debugger that way) There are notes explaining the problem in the Task_1 Fx. I hope you enjoy your vacation. Thanks, Bryan NovoTest.zip
  4. Dave, Thank you for the quick response. In the following example Task_1 will occasional run before its scheduled time. #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000 #include <boostc.h> #include <system.h> #include "novo\novoConfig.h" #include "novo\novo.h" void interruptStart(); void Task_0(); void Task_1(); #define HTASK0 0 #define HTASK1 1 void interruptStart() { //Enable Interrupts intcon.GIE = 1; // Global Inerrupt enable. intcon.PEIE = 1; //Peripheral Interrupt Enable. //Set interrupt Prioritys. rcon.IPEN = 1;// Enable low Priority. intcon2.TMR0IP = 0; // Timer0 set to low. //Enable interrupts. intcon.TMR0IE = 1; //enable TMR0 overflow bit. } void Task_0() { while(1) { delay_ms(100); Sys_Sleep( 2000 ); } } void Task_1() { while(1) { delay_s(2); Sys_Sleep( 12000 ); } } void main() { SysInit(); t0con = 128; interruptStart(); SysCreateTask( HTASK0 , 5 , Task_0 ); SysCreateTask( HTASK1 , 5 , Task_1 ); SysStartTask( HTASK0 ); SysStartTask( HTASK1 ); while( 1 ) { Sys_Yield(); } } void interrupt_low(void) { SysTimerUpdate(); tmr0h = 0xF6; tmr0l = 0x3B; intcon.TMR0IF = 0; } What seems to be happening is while task_1 is running task_0 will reach its scheduled wake up time. When Sys_Sleep is called from task_1 it will will erroneously be put into the sleep queue before task_0 if( i != SLEEP_QUEUE_HEAD ) // start reached remainingSleep = GetTaskWakeUpTime( i ) - scheduler.os_tickCnt; else remainingSleep = 0; // When the time diff in less than 0, we know that the task to insert times out before this task, // so we insert before it in the queue if( sleepTime >= remainingSleep ) The calculated value for the remaning sleep time of next task in the queue will be wrong because it has already passed its scheduled wake up time. because the os_sleepUpdateHead has already been moved the next time SysTimerIdleProcess() is called it will move both task_0 and task_1 into the run queue. I would appreciate any feedback you could give me on this. Thanks, Bryan.
  5. I'm using the the NOVO RTOS to develop an commercial application for a vending machine and so far am having great success. I was having a problem with tasks waking up before there scheduled time and found this was due to me not calling Sys_Yield() before every Sys_Sleep() call. I may be wrong but I believe I have found a potential problem. On the off chance that an interrupt occurs and and the next task in the sleep queue reaches its scheduled wake up time after the last SysTimerIdleProcess() and before another task is being put to sleep, it would corrupt the the sleep queue and cause both tasks to be moved immediately into the run queue when the next SysTimerIdleProcess occurs. Example: void Task_0()
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