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  1. I would like to know the main differences between the pro version of BoostC and standard and full. Thanks, Jose.
  2. I have a license for the c2c plus compiler. Do I need a new licnese for the BoostC compiler? Thanks, Jose.
  3. Thanks very much, I enjoyed very much the second piece of code with the shifting the high byte and then adding the second half. Jose.
  4. Thanks Dave, my question was incomplete and here is the rest. I do see my syntax error there. What I want to do is place two char variables in the int variable value. Let's say char vara, varb; int value; int *pvalue pvalue=&value; *pvalue=vara; *(pvalue + 1)=varb; Would that code place the two variables into the int variable value? Thanks in advance. Jose DeMoya
  5. How can I use a pointer in boostc. I declared these variables int value; int *pvalue; I tried compiling this expression and it fails.! pvalue=@value; How would you do this in BoostC, if possible. Thanks, Jose.
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