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  1. Hi Pavel, I scanned sourceboost800.exe using VirusTotal and it reported a couple of problems: CMC: Trojan.Win32.Hesv!O Trapmine: Suspicious.low.ml.score JK
  2. Thanks for the ideas. I wanted to get this going and lost interest. Is the voltage parameter in error? You specified 3.25 volts for a 5 volt part - I think.
  3. Hi Jimeer and all: I had a key for the IDE and compiler. Anyway, does it work for you now? jk
  4. Hi Jimeer, I did not see if you tried the DEP setting. Also, you can search this forum (where I found mention of these issues) for more information. DEP options are found under Control Panel / System and Security / System / Advanced System Settings / Performance - Settings / Date Execution Prevention / toggle on the "Turn On DEP for all programs and services except those I select" setting . Sourceboost installer places a bunch of it's programs in the exception list including preg.exe. On my machine it benches Window's "happy index" higher with DEP set as above. jk
  5. Hi, I read about the DEP settings and registration. On my machine DEP was turned off except for essential programs. I turned it on for all programs, then a bunch of Sourceboost programs appeared in the box. I rebooted, repeated the preg.exe steps, tested the IDE and it worked. Turned off the DEP rebooted and the IDE, extra plugins, compiler appear to work now. (Perhaps our "buddy" preg.exe would know more if it could talk. I'd like to squeeze a confession out of it.) jk
  6. Hi, I am trying to install SB 7.2 on a W7 Pro machine for the first time on this machine. I have done pretty much did what I did with my laptop (which works fine). Invoked preg.exe from Program Files (x86), filled in my name and key as supplied by Pavel or Dave. Get indication of "success" in the command line windows. I start up the IDE, compile the interupt.c file and the output indicates that SB C is UNREGISTERED. Uninstalls, reinstalls, reboots change nothing. AFAIK I am operating with an owner account that has admin privledge. Same stuff happens with the plugins. Th
  7. How do you set up a firewall (specifically Comodo) for multithreaded compilation? I am refering to the installation message about port 5584 and 2+ threads. I found the network policy tab in Comodo and have boostbuild_server.exe set as "trusted application" which means that it doesn't stop much of anything. However, when I compile with 1,2, or 4 threads (this is an old Intel E2160 dual core with XP), I don't see much difference. I don't see error messages either. How do I know it is working? What differences should I see, typically. John
  8. Thanks for the reply. I will keep experimenting and forward the file if it happens again. It could have been something I did, especially since I'm just playing around at this point.
  9. Hi, OK. I'm playing around with 7.05 and today I attempt to open the ledblock project under the novo foler. I think I was messing with this project yesterday. Now the project starts up empty, and I am unable to add files to it. Something is weird. I copied the old project file (from 6.97) over the corrupted (?) project file and now the project seems fine. I guess it would be nice to have explicit control over where and when a project is saved. Maybe the feature is there now, but it is not obvious. I guess SB IDE does a save when you close or open new projects, but what if I want to save
  10. Hi Dave, Yes, that (-swcs) fixed it. I just open up the package and started playing around. Didn't read or check anything. Thanks for the help. jk
  11. I'm playing with 7.05 and Novo. I tried NovoLedFlash.c as a stand alone project. Tried using the LED plugin. Not seeing anything blink. Everything is pretty much default. (Since the RTOS is controlling program flow, would the code flow jump around in the simulator? Am I suppose to be able to trace into library function though I don't have source code?) jk
  12. zzjoki

    Pickit 2

    It been a while but I've used a Pickit 2 and it works very well. I think most folks prefer the 2 or 3 over the ICD2 or ICD3 for hobby type work, at least. I use a boot loader and RS232/USB cable, but I believe there is a program included with the Pickit 2/3 which can be called up from SB for loading. Maybe someone who knows more would comment or correct this if wrong. jk
  13. As a possible awkward workaround .... What if you evaluate the expression in C, assign it to a variable, then load the variable in assembler?
  14. Isn't the number of breakpoints determined by resources on the target chip? Anyway, for hobby programming and debugging I still like emulation + serial port + bootloader (maybe I don't know any better).
  15. Although SB runs fine on my Vista Home Premium SP1 laptop, this reminds me of a problem with Corel Wordperfect x4, where you had to download a MFC lib file for VC 2005 before WP Lightning worked. This is a guess, but my interpretation is that the developer systems assumed the target environment will contain support libraries which are no longer present in Vista (or maybe they need to be updated)?
  16. This problem may well be a function of the Bootloader. Try tunning the code under the SourceBoost simulator. You will need to patch up the reset vector (as there will be no boot loader present) using #pragma DATA addr, opcode putting a goto 0x005 opcode at address 0. Regards Dave Could it be that his bootloader also needs to reserve memory in the top using -rt xxxx?
  17. This sounds like fun. How come you're using a one channel PWM device if you need more channels? Anyway, Mike Predko (PIC book author) implements a bit bang PWM, Microchip has application notes on motor control (Zilog too). Perhaps you could use one HW PWM, and one in SW. I've seen articles on using the accelerometers with MCU - check Microchip, google, and Steve Ciarcia's contest respondents
  18. Microchip has lots of excellent documentation. Every production chip has a data sheet associated with it and it's always a good idea to look that over, as well as current errata sheets (or the one that pertains to the stepping of your silicon). They also have application projects, tips, etc. I'm perusing Mike Predko's books and they mention general rules for interrupt routines. Recently, and an older version was selling on Amazon at a discount and most of the information is still applicable today. www.piclist.com has a ton of code examples, projects and ideas. A lot of it is in assem
  19. I think the interrupt routine is longer than the timer overflow which causes the interrupt. Within the interrupt service routine a delay of 50 ms is called 3 times, yet timer0 overflows (fosc/4*256*256) 65ms. So the ISR is being interrupted by itself before it finishes.
  20. I'm not sure how far back you can search these posts, but this came up a while ago, maybe 6 months to a year ago. I wondered the same thing. Someone had posted code for how they had done it - it works. I did notice that your fosc frequency doesn't look right for a 16f877. Anyway, try and find the old posts.
  21. I have updated to 6.85. The symptom is different: I connect to terminal windows, It's OK. I write a carac ter in terminal windows, my program send me this character (it's normal) but now this character is send infinitly not only one !!! can anybody help me ? Is't a bug of terminal windows ? I don't know the answer, but did all the above symptoms occur with 6.85? When I used 6.84 the terminal window would not function for me, or SB IDE would lock and I'd have to reboot. It worked fine with Hyperterm. After upgrading to 6.85 the terminal window works fine, except it will
  22. When I use a program like Hyperterminal, All Is right. When I want to Use the Terminal windows in SourceBoostIDE, The windows continuously write a caracter and i can't stop this. It is impossible to communicate normally. I have tried with differrent PIC with software or hardware USART, in differrent speed, and I have never obtain a normal communication. In all test, i must kill the BoostIDE for stopping this. Is Anyone Use this Terminal windows ? Can you explain why I can't communicate normally ? Thanks for help PS: Sorry for my bad english I had the same symptoms. Wh
  23. I believe it's the mixing of the ideas of emulated rs232, templates, along with plain old rs232 use. It's a bigger bite for a newbie to chew on. Why or when would you use emulated rs232 for devices which have hardware rs232, like the 16f877. Why are there two timing parameters that look different? A little study on my part would probably solve these puzzles.
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