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  1. Replying to my own post. Digging deeper the code when translated from BloC didn't test correctly for flags so problem was flag not reset and loop in interrupt
  2. Hi again. Second issue migrating to boostc. I have interrupt service in the program. The code generated calls the interrupt as I would expect however on retfi it simply loops to location 0x0004 and starts the interrupt again instead of returning to PC + 1 To rule out issue with mplab I loaded the code written in BloC to test. This simulated the interrupt correctly. I am assuming at the moment that the issue is with a software stack. Has anybody come across this ? Regards Minitech
  3. This question may have been asked in the past, but being new to boost I will ask anyway. At the start of my programs ( programmed in BloC previously ) I reset the banks of registers I will be using. The following code clears Bank 0 & 1 OK. It sets most of Bank 2 OK, but doesn't use indirection. I know I could embed the asm to cure but is there a trick I am missing to get boost to do it for me? /*******************************/ /* Clear bottom bank of memory */ /*******************************/ fsr = (unsigned char)&Light_Timer; do { indf = 0; fsr++; } while ( fsr <= &Daily_Count ); /**************************/ /* Clear bank 2 of memory */ /**************************/ same as Bank 0 different registers /**************************/ /* Clear bank 3 of memory */ /**************************/ fsr = (unsigned char)&HeatCtr; do { indf = 0; fsr++; } while ( fsr <= &B2_Unused ); cheers MKL
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