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  1. Hello Jorg, Thank you for your comment. Probably, I do not read carefully tead the manual. Best regards, Sergej
  2. Hello Reynard It is seems you are bow sniper You hit the bull's eye. Thank you for your help. Best regards, Sergej
  3. Hello Reynard, Do you think that it is possible to use XT at 20 Mhz? Best regards, Sergej
  4. Good evening Dave, Thank you for your prompt reply. Please find attached extraction from PIC18F8490.h /////// CONFIG1H Options ////////////////////////////////////////////////// #define _OSC_LP_1H 0x000000F0 // LP oscillator #define _OSC_XT_1H 0x000000F1 // XT oscillator #define _OSC_HS_1H 0x000000F2 // HS oscillator #define _OSC_RC_1H 0x000000F3 // External RC oscillator, CLKO function on RA6 #define _OSC_EC_1H 0x000000F4 // EC oscillator, CLKO function on RA6 #define _OSC_ECIO_1H 0x000000F5 // EC oscillator, port function on RA6 #define _OSC_HSPLL_1H 0x000000F6 // HS oscillator, PLL enabled (clock frequency = 4 x FOSC1) #define _OSC_RCIO_1H 0x000000F7 // External RC oscillator, port function on RA6 #define _OSC_INTIO67_1H 0x000000F8 // Internal oscillator block, port function on RA6 and RA7 #define _OSC_INTIO7_1H 0x000000F9 // Internal oscillator block, CLKO function on RA6, port function on RA7 #define _FCMEN_OFF_1H 0x000000BF // Fail-Safe Clock Monitor disabled #define _FCMEN_ON_1H 0x000000FF // Fail-Safe Clock Monitor enabled #define _IESO_OFF_1H 0x0000007F // Oscillator Switchover mode disabled #define _IESO_ON_1H 0x000000FF // Oscillator Switchover mode enabled Best regards, Sergej
  5. Hello everybody, Do not understand why I try build my project with following string: #pragma DATA _CONFIG1H, _OSC_XS_1H & _FCMEN_OFF_1H & _IESO_OFF_1H ; I got following message: error: invalid pragma DATA argument '_OSC_XS_1H' Could you please help me? Best regards, astor
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