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  1. When I compile the attached program with BoostC and Chameleon, the configuration bits are not the same. I made the program very simple and covered all possible configuration bits. With BoostC I get : 0E3C 0E1F 0300 0081 C00F E00F 400F Chameleon: 0E1D 0007 0300 0081 C00F E00F 400F I also noticed that the timing for both programs are not correct. I am running the latest version (8.01). I have been using BoostC for years and this is the first time I experience something like this. Any help/comment would be appreciated. Thanx main.c
  2. Have a look at the following sites: http://www.askrprojects.net/hardware/xpiclog/index.html http://cwd.co.uk/illuminatrix/ http://ghmicro.com/index.php?option=com_co...20&Itemid=2 I hope it helps. It would be nice if you can keep us posted on your progress. Gerhard
  3. I use the following for PICkit 3: "E:\PK3CMD\PK3CMD" /P%shorttarget% /E /M /FRelease\%name%.hex /Y /L Tinker
  4. What is the chance of getting the Workspace /Project files list extended to include files related to the project? I am thinking in terms of datasheets, schematics (pdf) project specification (doc) etc.
  5. If I don't use the double assignment it allways flags an error. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That this actually works seems strange to me, which compilers accept that? ... on second thought, the lvalue assignment method is probably by convention from the way one defines variables with values, eg. char i = 3; ... hmm thinking about coding in assembly it does indeed use your method, eg. movlw 0xff; If i were to look at your code i suspect i might be very confused by your convention if you had not brought it up here, now i'll have to keep it in mind. Is there any performance d
  6. Hi there Personally I use: If I don't use the double assignment it allways flags an error.
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