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    Sourceboost Ide License Not Valid ?

    That worked thanks!
  2. glennzig

    Sourceboost Ide License Not Valid ?

    Great thanks! I will try it when I get to my computer. Awesome compiler BTW!!!
  3. I recently upgraded sourceboost from 6.97 to 7.2 since I just upgraded to boostc++. Now I recieve the following message when starting the ide: Running the compiler from the command line works fine. Although I would like to use the IDE.
  4. I had previously installed sourceboost 6.97 and it worked fine. I recently downloaded sourceboost 7.20, since I upgraded my boostc++ license and now I get the error message: It is similar when using mplab: I have tried uninstalling and deleting all referances to sourceboost in the registry the reinstaling but now luck.