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  1. Thanks for the replies. I am pretty sure its not the configuration word...that was the first thing I checked. Also, to make sure they weren't inconsistent between MPLAB and PicAnt. I am using a 20mhz ceramic oscillator, so my clocking needs to be HS, and I also made sure PIC16F84A was selected in both programs. Still no luck with your program Joan. I also tried it with the PIC16F84 selected instead of the A...no luck there either. The following piece of assembly works correctly when compiled and programmed from MPLAB, so I know it is not my circuit, nor my programmer. I can't help but wonder if something is getting messed up between PicAnt and MPLAB. I couldn't figure out the command line to get the MPLAB to program the chip from within PicAnt. I looked at the assembly output of the compiler, but couldn't determine what might be wrong. Thanks, - Ted ----this works------ include "p16F84a.inc" ncount equ 0x0d mcount equ 0x0e f equ 1 list P=16F84A org 0x00 goto START START bsf STATUS,5 movlw B'00011111' tris PORTA movlw B'00000000' tris PORTB movlw B'00000111' option bcf STATUS,5 clrf PORTA clrf PORTB BEGIN bsf PORTB,1 call delay call delay bsf PORTB,2 call delay bcf PORTB,1 call delay call delay bcf PORTB,2 call delay GOTO BEGIN ;delay loop delay movlw 0xff movwf mcount loadn movlw 0xff movwf ncount repeat decfsz ncount,f goto repeat decfsz mcount,f goto loadn return END
  2. I just downloaded C2C. I wrote a simple test program just to get started....just to flash a couple of LED's on pins hanging off of portb. Anyway, it doesn't work. The process I used was, I compiled the 'C' program using PicAnt, and then loaded the ASM into MPLAB 6.2, assembled it, and then wrote it to a PIC16F84A. I am using a PICStart Plus programmer, and I am used to programming PIC's using MPLAB's programming interface. I couldn't find a command line interface to the PICStart Plus to get the full integration with PicAnt working. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I have attached my sample program. Thanks, - Ted ----------------------- #include #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 2000000 main() { disable_interrupt( GIE ); trisb = 0; portb = 0; while( 1 ) { portb = 0; delay_ms( 800 ); portb = 255; delay_ms( 800 ); } }
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