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  1. i have my interrupt function outside of my main function. the interrupt function is called when pin 0 of port b goes high. nothing works. it stays in the main loop. c CAn anyone give me some hints!!! please
  2. in C2C there is a built in function bcd_to_char(); it is not supported in Boost??? is there a similar function in Boost Please help.....
  3. hey thz guy...I have got it figured out I think
  4. can anyone tell me how i can go about converting binary values into decimal in boostC??
  5. thz guys, I found the problem. I wonder why i can't define a global char in boostC?? Also why does the order of the function in you code matter??
  6. why wouldn't this work??? can anyone help me?? int j; unsigned char x[40]; void array(void) { for (j=0; j < size; j++) x[j]=226 + j; } and void main( void) { unsigned char data[40]; unsigned char i = 0; unsigned int k; int number = 0; //int num=0; Setup(); // Setup the Ports etc. while(1) //endless loop { array(); set_bit(porta,1); delay_s(1); clear_bit(porta,1); delay_s(1); adc_go =1; while (adc_go); //////////////////////////////////////////////// for (k=0; k < size; k++); <<<<<<</*just the for loop part here doesn't work*/ >>>>>> { if (x[k] == adresl) number = k - 29; break; } ////////////////////////////////////////////////// data[i++] = number; if (i==40) i=0; count++; } }
  7. Does anyone have a code that can convert binary into ASCII????
  8. hi Dave again, I was wondering if this function would convert binary value int decimal so I can send it through hyper therminal on my computer?? void serial_print_dec(char number) { if(number > 99) { serial_print_char(((number / 100) % 10) + '0'); } if(number > 9) { serial_print_char(((number / 10) % 10) + '0'); } serial_print_char((number % 10) + '0'); } I found it in the example sections
  9. Sorry - I don't understand the question. Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh I got it now, thanks alot for your help. I might have more questions later if you don't mind
  10. Hi Dave, I downloaded the trial version from the site...boostC...but it won't let me have the asm file..do you know why??? i want to try to see if my code works
  11. Hi guys, can someone help me. It's rather urgent. I have the same problem as drone. I tried the line volatile bit adc_go @ ADCON0 . GO; but it gives me an error can someone help please. Compiling... C:\PROGRA~1\SOURCE~1\c2c.exe -PPIC16F871 -SRC -ols -md -O2 -Ip16F871.inc -oLoggerT.asm ATD.c C2C-plus 5.9.1e C-compiler Copyright© 1998-99,2000-2005 by Pavel Baranov http://www.picant.com/c2c/c.html support@picant.com (Extended version) Licensed to: Michael D Carlson ATD.c ATD.c(7): Error: Unknown symbol '.' ATD.c(7): Error: '(' expected Finished. Failed to locate output file 'LoggerT.asm' Done Failed
  12. Hi guys, I need help really bad. My sourceboost doe not regonize the line volatile bit adc_go @ ADCON0 . GO; neither when I include <pic16f877a>...it will give me error? can someone help please. thz
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