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  1. Yes thanks Dave that has sorted it. Turned them back on and i can now see and read all posts Thanks Dave
  2. Thanks Dave. Yes it works for me except that, if for instance i set the 'from' pull down to 'from the beginning' and select GO, it says there are 18 pages of posts. If i then click to the next page, the 'from' pull down defaults to 30 days and there are only 2 pages of posts again. Thinks i must be doing something stupid Any ideas Dave
  3. Hi i have been away for a while, does this mean we cannot access the old forum posts? Under the c programming forum it only displays 15 posts when i am logged in. Is there a way to display the old posts(I have set the filter to the last 90 days but no joy) Thanks Dave
  4. Just a very quick question i expect everybody will know the answer to. The delay librairies supplied with the compiler, if i use a 20Mhz clock and define this in a #pragma statement, if i then use delay_s(2); will this give a delay of 2 seconds or are the delay functions defined for a 4mhz clock ie does the #pragma statement compensate for the faster clock speed and adjust the values in the delay routine automatically
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