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  1. ok thanks i finally find it example are fine yes ... but i had difficult to find a source code for pic in C and not in asm. and when i find some they are big program. i dont find basic progam like set all pin of the pic or an exemple of fuse. perhaps there is on your site ? so i dont find it, it's not clearly indicate. it ll be usefull to make a tutorial or something like that. perhaps i m a newbie like you said but i try ! you was newbie too one day ! else i m french i not always easy to understand
  2. i know the watch dog thx but what does the FOSC0 ? where can i find a doc on the fuse ?
  3. ok it look like working after some test the only change that make it work or not, it s the config word. by default my programmer set it to 3FFF and with your code #pragma DATA 0x2007, _HS_OSC & _WDT_OFF , it's set to 3FFA so when i m looking the detail the bit for the watchdog is off but when it s on it work too... so it's the bit for the FOSC0. when it 's set, it dont work and when it's off, it look like working. what does this bit ? i already program an other pic with the config word set to 3FFF and it 's working normaly ... anyway thank you il will try my LCD no
  4. yes i put a while(1) ... it 's not the problem. i just want set the pin to 1 once but as i said, it work in debugg mode but it dont work when the program is on the pic, all pin are at 0V
  5. hi i want program a pic 16F84 in C with sourceboost. first i make a basic program to test it. #include <system.h> void main() { trisa = 0x00; trisb = 0x00; porta = 0x0F; portb = 0xFF; while (1); } when i compile it, i have this warning : unable to successfully crate dealy_us for target with clock freq 4000000 Hz argument of delay_10us must have a value of 1 or more but in debug mode it work ! the led block is lighting. now i transfer the program on the pic and ... nothing hapened, all pin are at 0V ... why ? i must control a LCD with this
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