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  1. I have another 6 question with MPlab assembler programming. 1. Is the PIC can use to check the value whether it is a positive or negative value? 2. Is the IF/ELSE statement available in MPlab? 3. How to compare and get the smallest number between three number? 4. After I use the fixed point division of the application note, AN617 in microchip, but the output is in floating point, then how to read the result? 5. If the maximum number of floating point is 0.125 in decimal number, then how many bits should I use for math operation? 6. In application note, AN575 in microchip, it said that floating point 0X823C5198, but how to read it? What decimal value is it?
  2. I got two questions about the programming of PIC16F877. 1. Normally, when we rotate 8 time with 8 bit data, we will get back the same data right? But if I rotate one time, then call a subroutine or goto other place, the carry flag already change. Then back to here and rotate again. This loop will go on for 8 time, is it finally still can get back the same data? 2. If I add 8 bit data with another 8 bit data and the result is is overload to 9 or 10 bit, then how a result will store?
  3. Hello everyone! Im doing my final project about intelligent traffic system with fuzzy logic that need to build into PIC16F877. But I face a problem that is there are no multiply, divide, square and square root instruction with MPlab. Another problem is I need to do the math in floating point. How can I solve it? Any advices and suggestions do u all can give me? Thanks for spending your time.
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