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  1. Was attracted to SourceBoost because of you site/forum and Pascal. Am interested in automating an industrial process. I can program in a variety of languages but have nop experience with micro controllers. In my pre "jump into it" stage I see the process as follows. 1.) Sensor/servo. 2.) Pic controller, programmed with SourceBoost, that speaks to the sensor/servo on one side an uses Modbus TCP/IP thru an RJ45 port on the other. 3.) A web Service that can accept and send info using Modbus TCP/IP. 4.) Database that is used for storage, descisions and display. The piece of the puzzle I am missing is programming the PIC controller. Both to speak to the Sensor/servo and speak to the web service. Can anyone help shed some light. Plewase comment on my logic, offer suggestions and possible sample code and hardeware on the PIC end. Thank you. Richard Vlahov
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