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  1. Dear Dave, The error message is found in SourceBoost IDE with BoostC 6.6 It will show in few seconds when press F5(Run) in IDE Regards, Alex
  2. Debugging... Failed to locate file 'E:\Prg\SourceBoost\compiler\picantc\libc\div.c' #include <system.h> // BoostC 6.60 // Target: 16F72 unsigned char i,k; rom char* table = { 6,5,3,7,7,7 }; void interrupt(void) { portb.0^=1; intcon.T0IF=0; tmr0=0xC0; } void main(void) { option_reg= 00000010b; trisb=0; portb=0; tmr0=0xC0; intcon.GIE=1; intcon.T0IE=1; i=0; while (1) { i=(i+1)%5; k=table; }; } Please check is it can fix in next version Regards Alex
  3. Now can't use the debugger with gpio. Will it support on coming version
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