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  1. HI Maniac, Thanks' lot for helping me with this beginner problems. I see what I'm doing wrong. I have another problem with load calibration value from 0x3FF register and place that value into OSCCAL register, controller is the same from the first post PIC 12F629. I used C file (OSCCAL) from example in sourseBoostIDE 7.22, and copy in my project file. // This sample code was designed for PIC12F629 and shows how to read factory calibration value. // It will not work unser simulator because simulator doesn't support factory calibration value. #include <system.h> #ifndef _PIC12F629 #error "This sample code was designed for PIC12F629" #endif //_PIC12F629 void main() { asm //Load Factory Calibration Value Into OSCCAL { bsf _status,RP0 call 0x3FF //WHEN I START DEBUGGER PROGRAM RUNING WITH 1,2 LINE , NOT GOING TO 3 LINE AND THAN MASSAGE APPEARS ''HARDWARE STACK OVERFLOW'' movwf _osccal bcf _status,RP0 } while(1); } Best regards, Drax
  2. Hi, Can you please help me with this c program code. Version of software: SourceBoost IDE version 7.22 PIC : 12F629 You can see from the attachment , program don't going to infinite loop. I made mistake but I don't now where? Can you explain me in my attachment and forward the note. Please. Best regards Drax INTERFON.c
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