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  1. hello there.. yes I also found that slow compile problem - but inside FLOWCODE.. How can I change FLOWCODE so that I can use HiTech or even XC8 compiler.?? please please please please please please.?? Also I write questions to support@boostc. com or whatever the support email address is - and I never ever get any answers ..????????????????????????????????? Please please please please please - can I get some replies there..!!!!!!?????????????????? what I think is probably not what the rest of you guys think.. but I would like to make one commrnt.... I love FLOWCODE - I only have FLOWCODE5...... Like another scientist I work with... says why the hell make yet another compiler - just use the microchip compiler exact routines and capabilities.!!!! I realize there is big brain power in writing BOOSTC - but please make it exactly compatible to what the whole world already used/uses..!! rather use the big brain power to do that... A hell of a lot of people will appreciate you much better then Now as always ... My Absolute and VERY KINDEST REGARDS cardac (star master)..
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