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  1. Walshy, This is a fragment of program for a PIC16F873 which worked well. I hope you can get what you need from it. Huck //************************************************************* // * // Interface to Joystick * // * //************************************************************* // 7 Feb 2007 changed data conversion to prevent spillover top and bottom #include <system.h> #include "adc.inc" #pragma DATA 0x2007, _HS_OSC & _WDT_OFF & _LVP_OFF & _BODEN_OFF & _CPD_OFF & _PWRTE_ON #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 10000000 void output(short left, short right) { clear_bit(portc,6); // send output to "A" portb = left; clear_bit(portc,7); // delay_10us(1); // toggle "write" input set_bit(portc,7); // set_bit(portc,6); // send output to "B" portb = right; clear_bit(portc,7); // delay_10us(1); // toggle "write" input set_bit(portc,7); // } void main() { bit fault; char loop; short leftval,rightval,steerval,temp; signed short deflection,steer,left,right,diff; trisa = 0x3f; // all inputs trisb = 0x00; // all outputs trisc = 0x00; // all outputs adcon0 = 0x81; // initialize controller adcon1 = 0x82; // all analog; Vdd and Vss references set_bit(portc,6); set_bit(portc,7); fault = 0; //***************************************************************** // Begin interface functions * //***************************************************************** output (128,128); for (loop = 20; loop > 0; loop --){ clear_bit(portc,6); delay_ms(25); set_bit(portc,6); delay_ms(25); } while(1){ leftval = adc_measure(0); // acquire inputs delay_10us(2); rightval = adc_measure(1); delay_10us(2); clear_bit(portc,6); steerval = adc_measure(2); if((leftval > 800)|(leftval < 200)){ output(128,128); while(1){} }
  2. Dear Myrmidon, Notice that after your time delay you set the port B conditions and the program returns to the top...where they are immediately reset to initial condition. If you add another 1 second delay at end of while block, the LED block will behave as you desire (I think) Good Luck and Enjoy Huck
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    sri about that.. Using Sourceboost Ver. 6.3, boostC also ref. edited first post. tnx again.
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    I believe that adc.h or adc.inc needs to be modified to resolve use of adc_on or adc_go bitname. adc.inc uses adc_on and causes error on build. Modified adc.inc adc_on=1; to set_bit(adcon0,ADON); all is again happy
  5. Dave, Using 6.11 Regards, Huck
  6. Gentlemen; The program fragment below illustrates what I believe to be a bug. It is intended to drive an LED bargraph, but always produces a dark display. When I replaced the variable governing the shift in the portb assignment, the display works properly; and the .casm results show this. However, the portc assignment results in assembly which will shift the temporary variable Con_Temp_Var85 the proper number of times with the count variable "fuel" tracked in "W". When "W" reaches 0, the value in "W" (now 0) is moved to portc. C program fragment: disp = 0x01; // turn on bit portb = disp << 3; // shift to desired location disp = 0x01; // turn on bit portc = disp << fuel; // shift to desired location .casm file fragment: disp = 0x01 // turn on bit 01AC 3001 MOVLW 0x01 01AD 00A6 MOVWF main_1_disp portb = disp << 3; // shift to desired location 01AE 00B0 MOVWF CompTempVar84 01AF 0DB0 RLF CompTempVar84, F 01B0 0DB0 RLF CompTempVar84, F 01B1 0D30 RLF CompTempVar84, W 01B2 39F8 ANDLW 0xF8 01B3 0086 MOVWF gbl_portb disp = 0x01 // turn on bit 01B4 3001 MOVLW 0x01 01B5 00A6 MOVWF main_1_disp portc = disp << fuel; // shift to desired location 01B6 00B0 MOVWF CompTempVar85 01B7 0824 MOVF main_1_fuel, W 01B8 label268436719 01B8 39FF ANDLW 0xFF 01B9 1903 BTFSC STATUS,Z 01BA 29BF GOTO label268436720 01BB 1003 BCF STATUS,C 01BC 0DB0 RLF CompTempVar85, F 01BD 3EFF ADDLW 0xFF 01BE 29B8 GOTO label268436719 01BF label268436720 01BF 0087 MOVWF gbl_portc On edit: using BoostC... sri Thanks, Huck
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