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  1. Thanks very much for the speedy reply. I've made the changes, and now receive this message: "Either the file does not exist or it has been converted to a 'short filename' (i.e., 8.3 format). you will need to select the appropriate file manually." When I select it manually (my original file was Base2cnt.c, and I'm selecting Base2cnt.hex), the same thing happens as before -- it sends it to the PIC16F84A, I get a response back saying that the "Program has been sent correctly", and then nothing else. I changed 16377 to 16379, and the path to where my PPP lives. This may be impossible to diagnose remotely, but any other suggestions would be very welcome. Michael
  2. Hi, I've been using C2C (version 4.00.7e) and PPP (version 2.3), the versions that shipped with Matrix Multimedia's development board. I can get the C2C to compile and assemble, but within C2C, cannot get PPP to work. PPP says that it's loading the program,and verifies that it has been sent correctly, but then... nothing, that is, no flashing lights. If I open the file directly through PPP, it works. I'm supposed to be giving a talk on this in a few weeks, and I'd really like to show a less "kludgy" approach than having to jump outside of C2C to do the programming. Thanks in advance, Michael Rogers (mprogers@mac.com)
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