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  1. HI, My name is Davide Longo and i'm an Italian university student. My first experience with Pic has been use the PIC16C765 with usb interface and a Visual basic 6 software for elaborating data. In VB6 i used an additional component, HIDcomm. Now I would like start to work with 18f family. My problem is that i don't understand which kind of firmwares i must use. For the pic 16c765 i used: usb_ch9.asm hidclass.asm descript.asm usb_defs.inc ... but for the new pic (18f4550) i don't find these kind of firmwares. I read about EasyHID but i don't understand very well. My question are: exist the analog firmware for the pic18f4550 in assembler ? and can I interface this pic with VB6 using HIDcomm? Have you got a simple example for turn on a led by usb comunication to pic18f4550 and vb6? Bye!
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