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Found 1 result

  1. I am looking at a fluid flow meter issue, which can pulse in input from 0(stopped) to 30khz(full tilt). I put together a routine with tmr1 that will measure >3hz to 30khz pretty accurately... under that frequency I am a bit lost. I am using RC0 on ( i know its an older pic) 16f877a. I'm reading the tmr1l and tmr1h registers and displaying on lcd the frequency, my Oscope says it works. Essentially this is a metering pump controller. When the liquid is stopped thats fine I dont run a pump. BUT If it pumps about one gallon in an hour, the meter very slowly transitions over the period of 60 minutes from low to high then back again so a 30 minute transition cycle. H to L or L to H. I look at the the final value of the tmr1 and if its under 3hz go into a sub routine called just that. there I Want to monitor this long duration transition... I got a little convoluted in that, but if I detect OVER 3hz then I am back to normal run mode.. thoughts? questions? (can I use tmr0 counter from the input of RC0? and count and total transitions ?) Happy Holidays! thanks, Chuck
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