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Found 1 result

  1. Bug description: The same source code line generates different assembly code in different places. Sometimes the generated code is incorrect, sometimes it is correct. Steps to reproduce: Use the same source code in 2 different places in the source. Detailed description to reproduce this problem I use this statement in two different places in my source code - WatchdogTarget = CONST_WDT_MINTIME + (Trembler & 0x07); CONST_WDT_MINTIME is a constant - #define CONST_WDT_MINTIME 1U The first time it is used, the following code is generated (which looks correct) - 01D7 3007 MOVLW 0x7 01D8 0547 ANDWF 0x47, W 01D9 00CA MOVWF 0x4A 01DA 0A4A INCF 0x4A, W 01DB 00C4 MOVWF WatchdogTarget The second time is it used, the following code is generated (which is not correct as it modifies the value in "Trembler" at 0x47) - 020A 3007 MOVLW 0x7 020B 05C7 ANDWF 0x47, F 020C 0A47 INCF 0x47, W 020D 00C4 MOVWF WatchdogTarget Expected behaviour: This is the code I would expect to see - 020A 3007 MOVLW 0x7 020B 05C7 ANDWF 0x47, W 020C 0A47 ADDLW 0x01 020D 00C4 MOVWF WatchdogTarget The compiler should not modify the value of "Trembler" at 0x47 (and as the value of CONST_WDT_MINTIME may be other values at compile-time) If CONST_WDT_MINTIME was (say) 32, I would expect to see this instead - 020A 3007 MOVLW 0x7 020B 05C7 ANDWF 0x47, W 020C 0A47 ADDLW 0x20 020D 00C4 MOVWF WatchdogTarget Is the problem 100% reproduceable: Every time IDE version: MPLAB-X 4.0 Compiler: BoostC++ Compiler version: 7.42 Target device: PIC12F635 OS: Windows 7 64-bit
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