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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I'm quit new to programming with C, I've done some basic stuff at school couple of years ago but it never was my thing. Well after a few years it's still whispering in my ears that i should learn how to program. For school I;ve bought the Sourceboost Boostc Pro 6.xx license. And still own this license. Found out that a lot has changed since the version I had (6.40) so updated to 6.97 latest version of 6.xx At the moment i;m just playing around to learn how to program. Only walking in to two problems at this moment. I'm using the lcd driver from lika.be http://lika.be/wp/2005/08/boostc-compiler-libraries/ Well I can send commands to the LCD. that all worked fine. But what I can't figure out is how to move the cursor to a specific place at the display. gotoxy doesnt seem to work. The next problem I walked in to was that i could not place the interrupt tmr0 result at the display. Well I;ve found a way to convert it so it shows the value at the lcd now. But it's using way to much rom of my PIC16F627A about 35% just for the conversion. Are there any replacement commands for the sprintf conversion to show the value on the display? This is the code I;ve made so far: #pragma DATA 0x2007, 0x2118 #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000 #include <system.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include "lcd_test.h" #include "lcd.h" unsigned int rx_out; void init(void) // Configureren van de settings { //Config //76543210 trisa = 00100000b; // Stel de in / uitgangen op port A in. trisb = 00000001b; // Stel de in / uitgangen op port B in. porta = 00000000b; // Alle pennen poort a zijn laag portb = 00000000b; // Alle pennen poort b zijn laag //rx_out = 0; //Configuratie Timer0 option_reg.T0CS = 0; // 0 = Gebruik systeemklok, 1 = Gebruik klok op pin T0CKI option_reg.T0SE = 0; // bit 4 TMR0 Source Edge Select bit 0 = low/high 1 = high/low option_reg.PSA = 0; // 0 = Prescaler voor Timer0, 1 = Prescaler voor WatchDogTimer WDT option_reg.PS2 = 0; // PS0 - PS2 Prescaler waarde zie datasheet option_reg.PS1 = 1; option_reg.PS0 = 0; option_reg.INTEDG = 1; // Interrupt als portb.0 ? wordt. set_bit(intcon,GIE); // Interrupts activeren. set_bit(intcon,INTE); // Interrupt PortB.0 is actief = 1, Uitgeschakeld = 0. // LCD interface lcd_init(); // LCD initialiseren lcd.c / lcd.h / lcd_test.h lcd_send_cmd(LINE1); // Stuur LCD naar regel 1 lcd_printf("Test 1"); // Plaats de volgende tekst op het lcd lcd_send_cmd(LINE2); // Stuur LCD naar regel 2 lcd_printf("Regel 2"); // Plaats de volgende tekst op het lcd delay_s(2); // Wacht 3 seconden (start op scherm) return; } void main() { init(); // Eerst alle settings goed zetten char buffer[5]; // Buffer aanmaken voor conversie naar LCD lcd_send_cmd(DISP_CLR); // Display leegmaken while(1) // Start van de programma Loop { sprintf(buffer, "%5d", rx_out); // Conversie int naar string lcd_send_cmd(LINE1); // Stuur LCD naar regel 1 lcd_printf(buffer); // Plaats de volgende tekst op het lcd delay_ms(10); // wacht 0,1 seconde voor refresh } } void interrupt( void ) // Interrupt routine { if(test_bit(intcon,INTF)) // Controleer algemene interrupt vlag { if(option_reg.INTEDG == 1) // Controleer status portb.0 interrupt { tmr0 = 0; // Reset tmr0. intcon.T0IE = 1; // option_reg.INTEDG = 0; // Zet portb.0 interrupt op laag intcon.INTF = 0; // Reset interrupt vlag return; } else { rx_out = tmr0; // Schrijf waarde tmr0 weg naar rx_out intcon.T0IE = 0; // option_reg.INTEDG = 1; // Zet portb.0 interrupt op hoog intcon.INTF = 0; // Reset interrupt vlag return; } } } I've tried the dutch forum www.circuitsonline.nl for help and also have tried a lot of things myself but i seem pretty stuck for now.
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