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Found 3 results

  1. BoostC Special function: void interrupt(void) Makes MPLAB X IDE v1.20 come up with the following warning: unexpected token: ( I've currently using BoostC v7.10 and 64 bit windows 7.
  2. Hi Guys When using BoostC integrated in MPLAB, the build configurations BUILD / RELEASE are not available and I couldn't find a way to activate/configure this functionality. Do I have a problem with my instalation? I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to use ICD tools (Pickit3 or ICD3) without this feature. Best regards Jorge
  3. Hi All, Thanks for reading this. I have the followign directory structure: \project \build \src In my src directory I got all my source files. In the build directory I got the MPLAB workspace, project etc. When try to build the project I get an error telling me that it can't find the first compilation unit in the src directory, error.c [yes I do get the irony ], I have tried adding the files to the project both by relative path and absolute path, it makes no difference. If I put all the source files and the project/workspace files in one flat directory everything works
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