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Found 1 result

  1. I am working on a SMBuss project that targets the PIC18F27J53 using the BoostC (ver7.04) in MPLAB (ver8.87). I am using a 256 byte lookup table for generating the CRC (PEC). The lookup table is not generating the correct offset and I'm not sure why. I have generalized the problem to reduce confusion. In the main while() loop I have "crc=CRC8LKUP[0xB4] ;" when I look at the listing file, line 134, the index is changed from 0xB4 to 0x68. Attached are the relivant files. Anybody have an idea what is going on? ;///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ;// Code Generator: BoostC Compiler - http://www.sourceboost.com ;// Version : 7.04 ;// License Type : Standard License ;// Limitations : PIC18 max code size:16384 bytes, max RAM banks:Unlimited, Non commercial use only ;///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ORG 0x00000000 0000 EFA0F000 GOTO _startup ORG 0x00000008 0008 __rom_get_00000 0008 ; { __rom_get ; function begin 0008 5005 MOVF __rom_get_00000_arg_idx, W 000A 6E08 MOVWF __rom_get_00000_1_romAddr+D'2' 000C 0E00 MOVLW UPPER( label1 ) 000E 6EF8 MOVWF TBLPTRU 0010 0E00 MOVLW HIGH( label1 ) 0012 6EF7 MOVWF TBLPTRH 0014 0E2A MOVLW LOW( label1 ) 0016 6EF6 MOVWF TBLPTRL 0018 5008 MOVF __rom_get_00000_1_romAddr+D'2', W 001A 26F6 ADDWF TBLPTRL, F 001C B0D8 BTFSC STATUS,C 001E 2AF7 INCF TBLPTRH, F 0020 B0D8 BTFSC STATUS,C 0022 2AF8 INCF TBLPTRU, F 0024 0008 TBLRD* 0026 50F5 MOVF TABLAT, W 0028 0012 RETURN 002A label1 002A 0700 DW 0x0700 002C 090E DW 0x090E 002E 1B1C DW 0x1B1C 0030 1512 DW 0x1512 0032 3F38 DW 0x3F38 0034 3136 DW 0x3136 0036 2324 DW 0x2324 0038 2D2A DW 0x2D2A 003A 7770 DW 0x7770 003C 797E DW 0x797E 003E 6B6C DW 0x6B6C 0040 6562 DW 0x6562 0042 4F48 DW 0x4F48 0044 4146 DW 0x4146 0046 5354 DW 0x5354 0048 5D5A DW 0x5D5A 004A E7E0 DW 0xE7E0 004C E9EE DW 0xE9EE 004E FBFC DW 0xFBFC 0050 F5F2 DW 0xF5F2 0052 DFD8 DW 0xDFD8 0054 D1D6 DW 0xD1D6 0056 C3C4 DW 0xC3C4 0058 CDCA DW 0xCDCA 005A 9790 DW 0x9790 005C 999E DW 0x999E 005E 8B8C DW 0x8B8C 0060 8582 DW 0x8582 0062 AFA8 DW 0xAFA8 0064 A1A6 DW 0xA1A6 0066 B3B4 DW 0xB3B4 0068 BDBA DW 0xBDBA 006A C0C7 DW 0xC0C7 006C CEC9 DW 0xCEC9 006E DCDB DW 0xDCDB 0070 D2D5 DW 0xD2D5 0072 F8FF DW 0xF8FF 0074 F6F1 DW 0xF6F1 0076 E4E3 DW 0xE4E3 0078 EAED DW 0xEAED 007A B0B7 DW 0xB0B7 007C BEB9 DW 0xBEB9 007E ACAB DW 0xACAB 0080 A2A5 DW 0xA2A5 0082 888F DW 0x888F 0084 8681 DW 0x8681 0086 9493 DW 0x9493 0088 9A9D DW 0x9A9D 008A 2027 DW 0x2027 008C 2E29 DW 0x2E29 008E 3C3B DW 0x3C3B 0090 3235 DW 0x3235 0092 181F DW 0x181F 0094 1611 DW 0x1611 0096 0403 DW 0x0403 0098 0A0D DW 0x0A0D 009A 5057 DW 0x5057 009C 5E59 DW 0x5E59 009E 4C4B DW 0x4C4B 00A0 4245 DW 0x4245 00A2 686F DW 0x686F 00A4 6661 DW 0x6661 00A6 7473 DW 0x7473 00A8 7A7D DW 0x7A7D 00AA 8E89 DW 0x8E89 00AC 8087 DW 0x8087 00AE 9295 DW 0x9295 00B0 9C9B DW 0x9C9B 00B2 B6B1 DW 0xB6B1 00B4 B8BF DW 0xB8BF 00B6 AAAD DW 0xAAAD 00B8 A4A3 DW 0xA4A3 00BA FEF9 DW 0xFEF9 00BC F0F7 DW 0xF0F7 00BE E2E5 DW 0xE2E5 00C0 ECEB DW 0xECEB 00C2 C6C1 DW 0xC6C1 00C4 C8CF DW 0xC8CF 00C6 DADD DW 0xDADD 00C8 D4D3 DW 0xD4D3 00CA 6E69 DW 0x6E69 00CC 6067 DW 0x6067 00CE 7275 DW 0x7275 00D0 7C7B DW 0x7C7B 00D2 5651 DW 0x5651 00D4 585F DW 0x585F 00D6 4A4D DW 0x4A4D 00D8 4443 DW 0x4443 00DA 1E19 DW 0x1E19 00DC 1017 DW 0x1017 00DE 0205 DW 0x0205 00E0 0C0B DW 0x0C0B 00E2 2621 DW 0x2621 00E4 282F DW 0x282F 00E6 3A3D DW 0x3A3D 00E8 3433 DW 0x3433 00EA 494E DW 0x494E 00EC 4740 DW 0x4740 00EE 5552 DW 0x5552 00F0 5B5C DW 0x5B5C 00F2 7176 DW 0x7176 00F4 7F78 DW 0x7F78 00F6 6D6A DW 0x6D6A 00F8 6364 DW 0x6364 00FA 393E DW 0x393E 00FC 3730 DW 0x3730 00FE 2522 DW 0x2522 0100 2B2C DW 0x2B2C 0102 0106 DW 0x0106 0104 0F08 DW 0x0F08 0106 1D1A DW 0x1D1A 0108 1314 DW 0x1314 010A A9AE DW 0xA9AE 010C A7A0 DW 0xA7A0 010E B5B2 DW 0xB5B2 0110 BBBC DW 0xBBBC 0112 9196 DW 0x9196 0114 9F98 DW 0x9F98 0116 8D8A DW 0x8D8A 0118 8384 DW 0x8384 011A D9DE DW 0xD9DE 011C D7D0 DW 0xD7D0 011E C5C2 DW 0xC5C2 0120 CBCC DW 0xCBCC 0122 E1E6 DW 0xE1E6 0124 EFE8 DW 0xEFE8 0126 FDFA DW 0xFDFA 0128 F3F4 DW 0xF3F4 012A ; } __rom_get function end ORG 0x0000012A 012A main 012A ; { main ; function begin 012A 6A01 CLRF gbl_3_x 012C 6A02 CLRF gbl_3_x+D'1' 012E label2 012E 0101 MOVLB 0x01 0130 5100 MOVF gbl_CRC8LKUP, W, 1 0132 6E04 MOVWF __rom_get_00000_arg_objNumb 0134 0E68 MOVLW 0x68 0136 6E05 MOVWF __rom_get_00000_arg_idx 0138 EC04F000 CALL __rom_get_00000 013C 6E03 MOVWF gbl_3_crc 013E D7F7 BRA label2 0140 ; } main function end ORG 0x00000140 0140 _startup 0140 0E00 MOVLW 0x00 0142 0101 MOVLB 0x01 0144 6F00 MOVWF gbl_CRC8LKUP, 1 0146 6A01 CLRF gbl_3_x 0148 6A02 CLRF gbl_3_x+D'1' 014A 6A03 CLRF gbl_3_crc 014C EF95F000 GOTO main ORG 0x0001FFF8 1FFF8 071C DW 0x071C 1FFFA 0018 DW 0x0018 1FFFC 0000 DW 0x0000 1FFFE 0980 DW 0x0980 MAIN.C CRC8.H IC.H
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