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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings: I need assistance with configuring the PIC18F44J50 with the BoostC compiler. The provided header "PIC18F44J50.h" contains several "#pragma config" directives, from which I chose the desired ones and copied to my source. Everything compiles OK, except for the "#pragma FOSC" line. I get an error: "invalid setting 'FOSC'". I tried all the possible values provided in the header, but get the same error. I double-checked that I have the correct target set in the SourceBoost IDE "Settings/Target". My exact code follows. --- begin code --- #include <system.h> #pragma config WDTEN = OFF // Watchdog Timer #pragma config PLLDIV = 1 // PLL Prescaler #pragma config STVREN = ON // Stack Overflow/Underflow Reset #pragma config XINST = OFF // Extended Instruction Set #pragma config CPUDIV = OSC1 // CPU System Clock Postscaler #pragma config CP0 = OFF // Code Protect #pragma config OSC = INTOSC // Oscillator #pragma config T1DIG = OFF // T1OSCEN Enforcement #pragma config LPT1OSC = OFF // Low-Power Timer1 Oscillator #pragma config FCMEN = OFF // Fail-Safe Clock Monitor #pragma config IESO = OFF // Internal External Oscillator Switch Over Mode #pragma config WDTPS = 1 // Watchdog Postscaler #pragma config DSWDTOSC = INTOSCREF // DSWDT Clock Select #pragma config RTCOSC = INTOSCREF // RTCC Clock Select #pragma config DSBOREN = OFF // Deep Sleep BOR #pragma config DSWDTEN = OFF // Deep Sleep Watchdog Timer #pragma config DSWDTPS = 2 // Deep Sleep Watchdog Postscaler #pragma config IOL1WAY = OFF // IOLOCK One-Way Set Enable bit #pragma config MSSP7B_EN = MSK7 // MSSP address masking #pragma config WPFP = PAGE_0 // Write/Erase Protect Page Start/End Location #pragma config WPEND = PAGE_0 // Write/Erase Protect Region Select bit (valid when WPDIS = 0) #pragma config WPCFG = OFF // Write/Erase Protect Configuration Region #pragma config WPDIS = OFF // Write Protect Disable bit #pragma config FOSC = INTIO67 // Oscillator Selection bits int main(void) { return 0; } --- end code --- Can anyone help? Thanks, -Mike
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