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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have implemented a microchip AN1310 bootloader on PIC18F25K80.Its works on first program via the uart, but does not work again after my firmware has been loaded on the microcontroller. After checking the Pic's datasheet , the "application reset vector" is at location 0000h but then again the AN1310 bootloader has a "bootloader reset vector" at the same address 0000h . This means when i download my program code via the uart bootloader, it overwrites the "bootloader reset vector" at 0000h with the "application reset vector". Hence i cannot use the bootloader after the 1st program code download. 1. How do i define a new application reset vector or program start address in boost C? I have seen examples on the forum of including a linker option -rt <new address> but it does not work.If it does, can anyone pls explain where i can include this to the linker?Maybe I am including it wrongly. 2. Is there a way I can write protect the bootloader reset vector address at 0000h in code or via the Pic's CONFIG bits? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm having simliar troubles as this post -> http://forum.sourceb...?showtopic=5030 However my device is the 12F683 and it seems the eeprom functions are unresolved. The fix mentioned, a lot of searching and a bit of hacking with the eeprom.h file did not resolve the issue. The source compiles fine - the linking fails and no hex is generated. #pragma DATA _EEPROM, 6 // this works fine val = eeprom_read(0x00); // this causes the error shown below Linking... "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\boostlink_pic.exe" -idx 1 /ld "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\lib" libc.pic16.lib Release\SourceBoost_104_comp-latched-timer1_video_detect_temp.obj /t PIC12F683 /d "Release" /p firsttry BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 7.05 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright(C) 2004-2011 Pavel Baranov Copyright(C) 2004-2011 David Hobday failure Error: Unresolved external function:'eeprom_read(unsigned char)' Error: Unresolved external function:'eeprom_read(unsigned char)' Error: Unresolved external function:'eeprom_read(unsigned char)' Error: Unresolved external symbol, function:eeprom_read Failed to locate output file 'Release\firsttry.hex' Done Failed input and suggestions most welcome
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