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Found 3 results

  1. BoostC Special function: void interrupt(void) Makes MPLAB X IDE v1.20 come up with the following warning: unexpected token: ( I've currently using BoostC v7.10 and 64 bit windows 7.
  2. Hi Guys When using BoostC integrated in MPLAB, the build configurations BUILD / RELEASE are not available and I couldn't find a way to activate/configure this functionality. Do I have a problem with my instalation? I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to use ICD tools (Pickit3 or ICD3) without this feature. Best regards Jorge
  3. Hi All, Thanks for reading this. I have the followign directory structure: \project \build \src In my src directory I got all my source files. In the build directory I got the MPLAB workspace, project etc. When try to build the project I get an error telling me that it can't find the first compilation unit in the src directory, error.c [yes I do get the irony ], I have tried adding the files to the project both by relative path and absolute path, it makes no difference. If I put all the source files and the project/workspace files in one flat directory everything works. Here is the output from the build tab: Questions: Is there a verbose mode in the IDE to see exactly how the compiler is getting called? The reason for asking this is that I have tried calling the compiler with the absolute path to the source file and it works from the command line, I have also tried relative paths from the command line and it still works. Has anyone else come accross this one and perhaps would be kind enough to share some thoughts? Thanks very much in advance. Cheers, Sakis
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