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'function Redefinition:....'

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I've had my program building ok up til now, but i've tried to tidy the code up by moving my common functions and variables into a header file.

Now the code compiles ok, but the linker rejects it, repeating:


'[file name].h Function redefinition:[funciton name] in [file name].h'


about 4 times for each function.

I've only defined each function once as far as i can see. Can anyone shed any light on this problem, or should i just go back to how i was before.





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Sounds like the problem is you move the whole function into the header file, and then include them in more than one source file. It just like having the same function declared multiple times!


What you need to do is only add the function prototype to the header and put the actual function body in another file eg


void foo( char x ); // put in header file


void foo( char ) // put in another source file (normally same name as header)





hope that helps.




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