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X10, Programing With Tw523

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Hi everyone,


We are working on a project for our class. Our project is to control home devices through a telephone using an X10 controller. We are using a PIC16F872, a DTMF receiver and a TW523 interface to the modules


We are using the C2C Plus complier but we have code examples from a CCS C complier. And being rookies are having troubles with understanding the CCS C functions, which are in header files that I can't find. Our compiler does not have an input() function and output_bit() function. We also are having problems with the printf() function. We want printf() to output to a port. We are looking for a string of characters.


It will be great if one of you code guru can help us out. You help will be greatly apprecited.




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If you make a list of the CCS functions and what they are meant to do, maybe someone can help.




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