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Program Gives Silly Error And Does Not Complile

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This following program does not compile with Sourceboost C2C Plus 5.3. It gives the error : Error: General error in function definition on line 72 which is exacltly the same as the code on line 78 namely, clear_bit (portc,RS) ;


I have tried, output_low_port_c (RS); and clear_bit (portc,5); with no success. In general the code may be wrong for what I am trying to do, but it is the syntax that seems to be the problem. I have tried using hex instead of my prefered binary in some statements, but with no success.


Please help me get this going.



/* Trying to get to grips with this */


#include <system.h>

#define ebit 00010000b /*bit4*/

#define RS 00100000b /*bit5*/

#define rsmask 00110000b

#define lcdstart_delay 1 /* 2500 */

#define stndwrite_delay 1 /* 100 */

#define clrlcd_delay 1 /*2000 */


unsigned int place, celsius, ones, tens, hund, thou, tenk, temp0, temp1;

unsigned int temp2, temp3, temp4, progno, ahi, amd, alo, bhi, bmd, blo, a1hi;

unsigned int a1lo, b1hi, b1lo, multi0, multi1, h0, h1, h2;

unsigned int sign, rscom, aargb2, aargb1, aargb0, factor, divide2;

unsigned int divide3, product, product1, product2, product3, product4, product5;

unsigned int zoom0, zoom1, loopcount, bargb0, bargb1, multipland, multipland1;

unsigned int multipland2, multi2, c1hi, c1lo, d1lhi, d1lo, cntr1, x, y;

unsigned int Zero, answer, Ba, avg ;

unsigned char temp, disp;


const unsigned char lcd_init [5] =


/* Display off */


/* Display clear */


/* Entry mode set */


/* Display on/underline off-Blink off */


/* Function set big display */




const unsigned char message [5] =


'H', 'E', 'L', 'L', 'O'

} ;


void E (void)

{ portc=portc^0x08;




void IN (void)

{ temp=disp; /* move display to temporary */

asm swapf(temp);

temp= temp&0x0f;


portc=portc^11100000b ;




portc =portc^0xE0;




void lcdstart (void)



clear_bit (portc,ebit); /* Clear Ebit */

output_high_port_c (0x01); /* Function set--4 bits */

E(); /* call E */



unsigned char i ;

for ( i=0 ; i<5 ;i++ )






clear_bit (portc,RS) ; /* !!!!! Line 72 !!!!!! */




void display (void)


clear_bit (portc,RS); /* !!!!! Line 78 !!!!!!!!*/

disp=0xC0; /* Display address 40 */


set_bit (portc,RS);


unsigned char j ;

for ( j=0 ; j<5 ;j++ )












void setup (void)



/* Setup*/

trisa=0x17 ; /* make all port a except TA4 input*/

trisb=0x1F ;

clear_bit (option_reg,RBPU); /* portb pullups enabled - normally set */

clear_bit (pie1,PSPIE); /* Disables AD convert interupt */

trisc=0x80; /* make just RC7 input for RS232 */


clear_bit (intcon, gie); /*disables global interupt*/

clear_bit (intcon, t0ie); /* disables peripheral interupts */

clear_bit (intcon, inte) ; /* disables all external interupts*/

clear_bit (intcon, rbie); /* disables all RB port interupts */

portc=0; /*clear portc*/

spbrg=0x19 ;

txsta=0x04 ;

clear_bit (pie1,txie) ; /* clears interupt bit */

rcsta=0x90; /*enables serial port, SPEN bit set-enables reception */

set_bit (txsta, txen); /* enables transmission */



void main (void)


{ setup () ;

lcdstart ();




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Which processor is the target device ?


Looks like you use of macros is messing things up, try changing

#define stndwrite_delay 1 /* 100 */




#define stndwrite_delay() delay_ms( 1 ); /* 100 */


This gets rid of the error to which you refer.

But then I cant complete the build - maybe because I have the wrong target selected.




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The device is the PIC16F876.


You advice worked thank you very very much. I was working on this problem for a long time so thank you very very much.

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