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Won't Compile + Link

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I'm writing code for a 18F8720. Not too long ago my code was using memory space from 0x00000 to 0x0C030 ( 48K ).


Then I wrote some more lines. The compilator seems to work ok with no errors but the linker does something strange. No errors messages and then the "Successful" and "Done" but no memory usage report... In my work directory the .HEX file is empty. Other files produced by the linker are also empty.


There is also massive hard-disk acces while linking. The HD wasn't doing this before.


I tried to remove some old lines of code to leave space for the new ones and it compiled and linked fine. If there is something wrong with my new code i'm supposed to get an error during compile and/or linking right ?


I also un-installed Sourceboost and replaced it with a fresh install. I tough boostc might been corrupted.



The 18F8720 PIC has 128K code memory but i'm stuck. Can't add more code !



Help !

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