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About #pragma Bootloader, ¿what I Doing Wrong?

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Using SourceBoost IDE 5.9.5 and C2C 5.95e

Target: PIC16F877

Windows XP pro


I am testing the pragma BOOTLOADER, but i can´t get what i want. :(

If i am not wrong using this pragma shift the code to the specified adress. ;)


My test souce code:


#include <system.h>
#include <general.h>


#pragma RESERVE_ADDR_0	asm bsf PCLATH, 3
#pragma RESERVE_ADDR_1 	asm bsf PCLATH, 4
#pragma RESERVE_ADDR_2	asm call 0x1800

#pragma BOOTLOADER 0x800

void main(void)
char a;




But when i compile the project and see inside of the generated .lst file, the memory map not display the offset. :huh:


MEMORY USAGE MAP ('X' = Used, '-' = Unused)


0000 : XXXXXXXXX------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------

2000 : -------X-------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------


All other memory blocks unused.


Program Memory Words Used: 9

Program Memory Words Free: 4087


Errors : 0

Warnings : 0 reported, 0 suppressed

Messages : 0 reported, 0 suppressed


I spect that the code must have an offset of 0x800 instead 0x000.

¿what I doing wrong? <_<

hanks for the help.


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¿I am the only one with this problem? :(

Again, somebody can help me?

¿Some body can check that code?


PD: The line '#include <general.h>' was deleted in my test code. :huh:

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