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Enhancement Find And Various

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I have a simple but may be ussefull enhancement to the IDE enviroment to find process.


Rapid find:

Only "select" the text wath you want to find in the editor windows and press "F3" key to find the next coincidence into the active file.


Project files find:

when pressing "CTRL+F" keys an new option permit select to search into the all project documents.


Converting case:

For example pressing "CTRL+U" or anhoter key to toggle the "selected" text to uppercase/lovercase


Text -> hello -> "CTRL+U" -> "HELLO"


Text -> HELLO -> "CTRL+U" -> "hello"


Showing SorceBoost version in the main windows.

SourceBoost IDE - V6.xx [file path + file name]

This is for diferentiate the previuos version 5.9.7 to the 6.xx when i have both IDE versions opened.



David A. Valdez

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