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Binary Constant Definitions

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I just recently downloaded your Boost C compiler. I'm new to PIC programming, though I am an advanced C++ programmer and have been coding for several years. One little anonyance I noticed with your compiler is the definition of integer binary constants. With your compiler a constant integer is defined as follows:



(corresponding to the decimal value 254)


While I know that the ANSI standard does not define a method of declaring integer constants in binary (they expect you to do 0xFE in this case.) It would be nice if your compiler would accept the following notation:




As all of the other C compilers that support defining binary integer constants that I have used do it that way, it flows much more logically from the '0x' notation ANSI C uses.


Thank you for your time.

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I want to note that this topic title is a bit misleading. The binary constants are not part of ANSI "C". However it seems that people find it useful to use binary constants in form of 0bBBBBBB (and this is already implemented in some C compilers). We have added support of such constants to BoostC too. This feature will be available in the next BoostC release.




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