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I need to write some variables into the flash memory.

I´m using two funtions for writing and reading memory positions in flash.

The problem is that i can´t write & read the long varible (2 bytes).

I don´t know how to write the eedath  and the eedata, becuase when i send a varible (ie a=1500) to the "write funtion" i don´t know if it write eedath  and the eedata automaticaly (i think that NO).

May be that i don´t read OK the eedata.

For saving the writed value into a variable how have to do for join the eedata and the eedath in an unique varible??



Can you give any solution??


I´m using the 16f870

Thanks a lot!!!!!


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Check out the BootLoader section on the C2C website.  There are a couple of routines that read from and write to the flash on-the-fly, even using a 16F870, I think.

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