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Button Block / Button Plugin

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1) Support negative buttons (buttons that ground the input pin when depressed)


2) Document the fact that the current buttons are positive buttons (buttons that are logical high when depressed)


3) Support multiple single buttons active at the same time. Currently, you can only display one single button plugin at a time. The button plugin is either on, or off. I need to support multiple buttons, but they are on different ports, so I can't use the button block. For that matter, the button block should also support multiple instances.


4) For the button block, allow different physical organizations of the 8 buttons. This is hard (need a WSIWYG button layout tool), and probably not worth it right now, but would be great.


5) For the button block, allow the display of less than all 8 buttons. I only use 3, and don't want to take up screen space with the others.

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I would like to cast my vote for the changes described above, especially the negative buttons.


As an old HW engineer, buttons always ground the pin :rolleyes: and it hurts my head to negate all the terms and swap the and's and or's when in simulator mode :(



Carl Petito

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