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Add New Preprocessor Directive

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currently, the preprocessor only supports generating errors at compile time.


Would it be possible to add support for a #warning directive please? This would allow the programmer to print a statement to the compilation output window.


I ask this because I've been debugging some code that worked fine on an 18F2320 and that stopped working after the transition to an 18F4620.


Half a day later I found out that 'DEBUG' is defined for the 18F4620 target :(


It would be very handy (and time-saving) if something like the following code construct is supported:


#warning "Using alternative code, because SOMETHING is defined"



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The warning preprocessor directive is already supported (check the lcd.c sample file).




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Hi Pavel,


Great! I'll update my libs then.


I noticed that the warning directive is not mentioned in the BoostC documentation yet.




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