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C programming with C2C-plus compiler

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Hi, all:

I am trying to use C language to write and read internal EEPROM on 16f877 to store some information, but it can not working. I have did it for a whole week,But both read and write is not working, I open EEPROM Windows in MPLAB, each byte is 0xff.

I use C2C-plus IDE, MPASM and MPLAB IDE. I think program maybe no problem,( I  use the sample in http://www.picant.com/c2c/examples/eeprom.html ) ,

is it necessary to set CONFIG register ( address: 0x2007) CPD ( Data EE memory code protection bit), and I don't know how to set it as 1.


Thanks in advance for your time.


Yuanming Lu

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Guest [M.o.U.]

actually your programming system, the software with which you programm the hex-file onto your PIC must be able to set this bits. the user can't access this address in mplab etc..

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