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Pathname length limit?

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Is there some sort of filename length limit in PicAnt/MPLAB? I have a project in a deeply nested folder underr my documents, and whilst it compiles fine, the assembler always barfs with a "DOS Error: file not found" error box.


Usefully, it doesn't mention which file :P I've tried commenting out any includes in the .asm file to no avail.


Then, I discovered if I moved the whole lot to a subdir of c:, it suddenly works again!



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Guest Dave



There is indeed a limit. It is that the path length needs to be less than 63 characters.


The limitation is caused by MPLAB assembler and the COD file output it produces. Internally the COD file (code file) has a limitation of 63 characters for the path length to source files.


So sadly this limit is not easily overcome. B)


In the new compiler that is under development this limit will not apply. :P




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