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Please, please, please


I would like to be able to have 4 LED Block plug-ins active at the same time (name them 1,2,3,and 4) so I could see the state of all pins on a 16F877.  4 Switch Blocks also, so I could set the state of all pins.

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This may not be reasonable, but:


Recently I began using the AX88796 NIC chip.  This can be controlled with an 8-bit data port, and a 5-bit control port.  See EDTP electronics for their 'ASIX' easyethernet board.  A plug-in for that would be nice, but may be beyond reason

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Guest Dave



I've dug out you email from as while back, your suggestions

this will save you thinking of them again:


Suggestion 1


You can add to you signal generator a new feature like

"diferential generation" to connect to -Vref and to +Vref of uC.


Suggestion 2


Add some kind of plugin to test serial Rx & Tx functions.


Suggestion 3


Add an arrow with the associated editable filed to control to the slide to select Amplitude, DC Offset and Frequency of Signal Generator plugin.


Suggestion 1 - now exists in multi-psu plugin.


Suggestion 3 - add spin buttons to existing signal generator plugin. You also suggested in another e-mail about being able to specify a user generated waveform in a text file


Suggestion 2 - New - a serial terminal plugin, looks like something we should do.





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An improvement that him can be done to "button block" and the "LED block" is the one of being able to assign to each button individually, any pin of IO of the microcontroller.


For example:


when i put the arrow over  button 1 or led 1, pressing secondary button and selecting CONGIFIGURE...

And i like asign something like that

BUTTON 1 assigned to RA0, with text "RA0"

BUTTON 2 assigned to RB1, with text "RB1"

BUTTON 3 assigned to RC5, with text "TEXT"

and so on to complete the block.

With this greater flexibility is obtained.



David A. Valdez

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I haven't looked at the new IDE (still using 4.something) but how about something that can take a PWM output and convert it into an audio file? User specifies PWM pin(s), file name and sample rate. Plugin averages duty cycle over sample period and saves corresponding value. If two PWM outputs are specified, the audio file is stereo.

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