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Preprocessor bug

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I was just converting over to the Microchip-derived header files, and think I found an issue with what I assume to be the preprocessor.  I put in


Even with the #define list below commented out, I still get:

line XX: Illegal redefinition of symbol: YYYY

where XX and YYYY are every #define line below in the sample code.



#include <p16f874.h>

/* #define T0IE 5
#define T0IF 2
#define TRMT 1
#define TXIF 4
#define TXIE 4
#define RXIE 5
#define RXIF 5
#define SPEN 7
#define CREN 4
#define INTE 4
#define INTF 1
#define RD   0 */

void main(void)

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