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Got It To Compile.... Need Additional Help Please!

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Okay so i solved the problem getting my code to compile. I am using MPLAB v7.50 with a PICSTART Plus programmer.


Here is my code:


#include <system.h>
#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 1000000;


while (1)


I set my clock as internal with Fosc/4 on RC6. I can check RC6 and I am getting the correct clock.


When I check RC0 i am not getting any voltage.

Anyone see something I am doing wrong?

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On the 16F913 port c is dual purpose with the LCD


have a look at page 103 of the data sheet, though LCDEN is disabled on power up VLCDEN is enabled. Clearing this should release portc.


Sorry I forgot.  :)  It is the PIC16F913.



Yep you were right!


Thank you guys!

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