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I want adc simulate in Ide but It doesn't work


My code


unsigned int readAdc(char channel)


volatile bit Go_Done@ADCON0.GO_DONE; // Note the the 18F4520 chip puts this in bit 1.

volatile unsigned char ad_h@ADRESH;

volatile unsigned char ad_l@ADRESL;



unsigned int AD_Result;

unsigned int shiftH;

unsigned int shiftL;


channel %=8;

//adcon1 = 00001110b;

adcon0 &=11100011b;

adcon0 |=channel<<2;


adcon0.ADFM=1; //right justify

adcon0.ADON=1; //start conversion;

Go_Done=1; // Start conversion


while ( Go_Done == 1 ); // Wait for conversion to complete -- better put a timeout in here some time.

**forever loop IDE simulater



// Separate int's need to be used to keep the shifts from screwing up.

shiftH = ad_h;

shiftL = ad_l;


AD_Result = (shiftH<<2) | (shiftL>>6); // Combine the two registers to get full 10 bits.


adcon0=0; // Shut off the AD converter.

return AD_Result;


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I want adc simulate in Ide but It doesn't work

I the sourceboost PIC simulator has its limitations.


Have a look in the IDE user manual in section "SourceBoost IDE Simulator features", here its lists the limitations.




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