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Visualstate + Hitech C Port

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I am in trying (so far in vain) to port an application I wrote on Hitech PIcc lite using a state machine compiler from IAR (called VisualSTATE). A proof of concept I developed built and worked fine on a 12F675 which I was very pleased by (its only a 1K part with 64 bytes RAM). Alas I am out of resources and am looking for an affordable C compiler. The problem I am having is with the port of the coder generated files from the IAR product aren't working. I cannot rewrite them because the whole point of a state machine compiler is to have the state machine compiler generate the code for the programmer.


here is a brief explanation of the software project:




My problems so far:


compiler doesn't like:


#if (UCHAR_MAX >= 0x0ffffffffUL)


I ended up commenting this out to get the build to proceed.


Now, the compiler doesn't like:



SEMBDef.h(120): error: failure


the line in question is:




not a very descriptive error code so don't really know where to go with that.


I'm pretty I am missing something fundamental here because I get the impression these errors are going to continue as I push one out of the way a new one arises.



Can anyone help?


Thanks for your consideration.

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