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Ra68qi has a tutorial thread which is probably going to be a good starting point.

You can find it at http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=2399



Hey! I signed up here just this week.


Apologies for asking, but I was hoping anyone could point me to any particularly relevant threads that I should read first, so I can get involved here?


Thanks in advance, Michael Gladstone

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Relevent to what?


Picxie might have been a bit quick, especially if your interested in BoostBasic

or the RTS.


If you are using BoostC/C++ then Picxie is right.

i'll admit that ra68qi's thread is a very heavy read. Even though it it titled for

beginners, unless you have previous experiance with other compilers it may

overwhelm you. Just try to ignore most of it and read the first two or three a

few times, when you have no problems with the LED ones take a look at the



i'd encourage you to come up with different methods than how ra68qi does it,

there are more ways than one to accompilsh a task and the only way to learn

is to try alternate ways.

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