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I'm working oin a project and after making several changes and programming the dac execution of the program seems to stop while the graphical LCD screen content (which I generate) won't completely appear and the dac is not reacting on input signals anymore. Probably I created a loop somewhere in the program.

While I'm not able to locate the problem in the source I run the program in the debugger.


Here suddenly messages "stack underflow" appear!!! Anyone any idea what might cause this? There are no warnings in 'the build' window available. The linker options i'm using are -swcs 6 2


Another problem is that I'm not able to stop the debugger anymore. It keeps generating the underflow message and the only thing left I can do is kill the whole IDE process within the XP taskmanager.

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hm, possibly while added some eeprom writing\reading in which I'm indeed starting\stopping interrupts.


I'll check this. thnx






was a stack depth problem. I defined some 'deep' functions as inline and the problem is solved. takes some additional code size however. ;)

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