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How do you generate a lib file.

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Guest Pavel

Library generation is not accessible from ide. Run compiler from command line and use the -lib option.




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Guest Jim

Thanks for the info about creating a lib file, I have been

wondering about it too.  However, a little more information

about what is in a lib file, and how to use them would

be helpful.


When I compile a lib file (no main function) in the IDE, the

IDE is smart enough to tell me it wants to create a x.lib file,

so I don't see why it can't just do it...


When I compile from the command line to a lib file it doesn't

look like much is really output to the file.  What is supposed

to be there?


Since the functions in a lib file are not usually called by other

functions in the same file, the optimizer doesn't generate

the code for them.  If I tell it to generate code for un-called

functions, then I get all of the built in C++ stuff that I don't



I am also assuming that to use a lib file, when I get one

working, I simply add it to the project; is this correct?


I know that this is a lot for one post, but some sort of lib

tutorial and/or information would be very helpful.


Keep up the good work.



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1.) create an interface file


e.g. mylib.h

this file has defines the interface routine


extern char myFirstRoutine(char :D;



2.) create your source code file

e.g. mylib.c

this file defines your code



extern char myFirstRoutine(char B)


  your code lines


  b= b+1;

  return b;






goto dos-shell


c2cw -IP16F84.INC -O1 -lib myLib.c -omyLib.lib



4.) use your library

include help-file in your test-program

specify library you wan to use (I think you will find it under options / item default libraries..




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Thanks for the informative reply...


I set things up as you recommend, but it still doesn't work.

I think the lib file is being generated correctly, but I have

trouble using it.


There are a couple of things to note:

With the older version of the compiler there was an option

setting to include lib files in the build.  The new PicAnt IDE

doesn't have this, so I added the lib file to the project.


When I compile the main project I get the following in the

build dialog:




 This is not a library file or it is corrupted (DALLAS~1.LIB)



I would like to hear from Pavel on this one, and maybe

see a simple example from him that really works.


I may continue trying this with a more simple example than

I am currently using...




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