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Using PicAnt 5.x with SX chips...

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I recently downloaded the version 5.1 and it looks great.

However, I have a couple of lingering questions about

using it with the SX.


1. I don't see any Wizard support for the SX.  I don't rely

  heavily on the Wizard, but it would be nice for the SX.

  (Yes, I know *I* could make my own templates, but you

    are the expert... ;-)


2. I am having a little trouble figuring out how to use the

  I/O port special mode register.  For instance, to set the

  data direction I can use the set_trisa_a() function (macro?).

  However, the help page says that this function is obsolete

  and I should use absolute addresses instead.  I don't see

  any way to access the special modes registers with

  absolute addressing...


  I can use the set_mode() function to set up the mode

  register, but I don't see the C function that will produce

  the  "mov !ra, w" instruction.


  So, at this time I have the option to use a combination of

  set_mode() and set_tris_a() to access the other special

  registers, or add it myself with asm{}.


  Comments please?




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